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Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?

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Did you know that about 75% of all search engines users do not look beyond of the first search engine result page? This means that if your company’s web page does not rank highly enough to appear on the first page of search engine results, only about 25% of web users will never have a chance to see it.

Forrester Research estimates that online sales will account for nearly 10% of all retail sales by 2016. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses of all sizes and across industries must prioritize internet marketing. The problem is that many businesses do not have the resources to do justice to their online marketing and search engine optimization efforts. But that is not necessarily a bad thing, because the top SEO reselle

Top Facts You Needto Know About Online Marketing

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Millions of people around the world have been adding and creating content designed for the internet for decades. While this is a great way to foster interest and understanding between individuals, it can make doing business online a bit difficult. As the internet grows and evolves, so too must your website and marketing strategy if you plan on not being left behind your competitors. Since more than 100 billion global searches are conducted online each month, it is important to do whatever work you can to make sure that your website does not get lost in the ever changing shuffle. Here are a few easy ways you can step up your online marketing game to make sure you are reaching the potential customers you