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Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?

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Seo reseller

Did you know that about 75% of all search engines users do not look beyond of the first search engine result page? This means that if your company’s web page does not rank highly enough to appear on the first page of search engine results, only about 25% of web users will never have a chance to see it.

Forrester Research estimates that online sales will account for nearly 10% of all retail sales by 2016. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses of all sizes and across industries must prioritize internet marketing. The problem is that many businesses do not have the resources to do justice to their online marketing and search engine optimization efforts. But that is not necessarily a bad thing, because the top SEO reselle

Dealing With Online Marketing As A Reseller Can Be Effortless Through This Information

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Private label seo

Reselling online marketing packages can make a lot of sense from a business standpoint because inbound leads from a digital source such as Seo generally show a 14.6 percent close rate versus outbound counterparts like direct mail with a paltry 1.7 percent close rate. With 2012 estimates showing that more than 88 percent of domestic internet users ages fourteen and up researching products and services online, there can be no doubt that online marketing holds a stronger place amongst other techniques than ever before. This means that reselling internet marketing today could help your business to truly boom tomorrow.

When 2016 rolls around, it is estimated that over half of the dollars that will be spent in the American retail sector will somehow have had been influenced by online marketing and by communicating this to your customers, it will be a lot easier for you to sell them your services. Working with a private label company that you can trust to follow through will help a lot as well because you will be doing a lot of pitching in regards to their services. Once you do find the right affiliates, it will become a lot easier for you to ultimately increase business.

Something else that you need to consider in the vein of online marketing is promoting yourself as a social media reseller because most companies only respond to every three out of ten feedback posts made by their followers. With the same amount of businesses looking to outsource at least some of the social media portion of their online marketing campaign, there is tremendous potential for resellers like yourself to capitalize on this. Utilizing as many online based marketing services as you can will go a long way toward helping you to work with many new customers.

As your business goes into full swing, it will become possible for you to adjust your approach properly. This is important because you will likely want to change things up a bit in terms of your pricing, your services, and your own marketing approach. Being astute will pay off as your business will always have the freshest approach in site.

Your customers will reward your diligence with continued patronage over time. This will in turn lead to more profits and lots of growth. Since your affiliates will continue to be responsible for service creation, these milestones will come with very little extra being put on your shoulders.